National United Party of Arakan: on the Racial Clashes in Sittwe, Arakan

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We are deeply concerned over the racial clashes that took place as a sequel to an untoward incident in a teashop in Sittwe on the fourth February 2001. According to the report, the Buddhists and the Muslims in the area got locked up in racial riots and the ruling SPDC junta imposed curfew to diffuse the tension. As a result to the incident, there was losses of lives, destruction of property and a deep sense of animosity prevailed upon the two brotherly peoples, the Buddhists and the Muslims.
NUPA being a secular organization believes in the peaceful coexistence of all the nationals living in Arakan, as Arakan has always been a secular free nation under the Arakanese kings before the Burmans came to the land as foreign aggressors.The row that took place in a teashop was insignificant. But the outcome of the episode was beyond what the average citizen can ever imagine of. We want to make it known that, the average Arakanese people are peace-loving but the SPDC junta which is overtly Burman-dominated has like its predecessors, the SLORC and BSPP, got down to stir up communal agitation so that the two brotherly communities could be divided. The SPDC who has the full authority in Burma can squarely be put to blame for the sad event in Sittwe. While the NUPA has been engaged in the restoration of amity among all the people of Arakan, transcending the barriers of religion, race, caste or creed, the SPDC junta has deliberately created discord and tension by constructing a dam on the Naaf, and in this particular incident, flared up racial tension and animosity, in order to sidetrack the deteriorating law and order situation, economy and the worsening political crisis in Burma, as it has done in previous occasions, as in the racial riots that were stirred up by the military junta in Mandalay, Taungyi and Prome (Pyi).
The SPDC without controlling the situation before it could end up in racial tension, should have stopped the flare-up. For this the SPDC is to be squarely blamed for stirring up the riot.As peace-loving Arakanese, the Buddhists, the Muslims and the Christions and all other minorities must be aware of the evil design of the Burman junta, and repel any attempt to disorganize and break up the racial harmony prevailing in Arakan. The above event though controllable went beyond control and ended up in the loss of valuable human lives and property, which is insensible. So long as we, the Arakanese, live under the colonial yoke of the xenophobic Burmans, we can never solve the racial problems among the Arakanese brotherly peoples.
We want to make it clear that, the refugee problem that causes a lot of trouble to the neighbouring countries like Thailand, India and Bangladesh are the direct result of the Burman racist rule.To all the sensible people at home and abroad, we want to urge that, there is no racial problem in Arakan, rather the SPDC junta creates such sad unwanted events to fish in the troubled waters.Until and unless the independence of Arakan is achieved there can never be good governance and peace and prosperity of the citizens enjoying the fruits of democracy, human rights, and secularism.
To the international community at large, our appeal is to give moral and material support to the national liberation movement of Arakan so that the long-cherished independence of Arakan could be realized and rule of law could be established..
Central Committee National United
Party of Arakan 7 February 2001

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