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Joint Statement: Rohingyas’ concerns over the repatriation of refugees from Bangladesh

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We, the undersigned Rohingya organisations worldwide express our serious concern over an agreement, signed on 23rd November 2017, between Myanmar and Bangladesh on the return of some 670,000 Rohingya refugees who have recently taken refuge in Bangladesh after fleeing Myanmar genocide.

But the question is how the terrified and traumatized refugees would be repatriated to Arakan/Rakhine State where they experienced, witnessed and fled the genocidal brutality of Myanmar troops, Rakhine extremists and other vigilantes. There is no change of attitude of the Myanmar government and its Military towards Rohingya; still they identify Rohingya as recent “Bengali interlopers” from Bangladesh; and Rohingyas continue entering into Bangladesh due to continuing violence and brutality against them in Arakan.

Press Release: Still to uncover more mass graves; U.N. investigation into “genocide’ in Northern Rakhine State most urgent

Press release 12 January 2018

Crimes against humanity and genocide have been committed against Rohingya population in Myanmar, with full impunity and knowledge of the government, with intent to destroy this ethnic community from their ancestral homeland of Arakan/Rakhine State.

Wholesale destruction of life, property and villages; widespread killing of women, men and children; rape, extermination, enslavement, enforced disappearance, expulsion and other inhuman acts are committed against the Rohingya civilians forcing some 670,000 survivors to take refuge in neighbouring Bangladesh since 26 August 2017. We appreciate that Bangladesh has shown to the world unparalleled humanitarian gesture by stepping up and taking on huge burden.

Press Release: The Problem in Rakhine State is not ‘Quarrel’ but Genocide

05 November 2017

At long last, for the first time on 2nd November the State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi had visited crisis-hit Northern Arakan/Rakhine State amidst international pressure and criticism apparently to whitewash the gravest situation of the defenceless Rohingya that the UN has called a “textbook case of ethnic cleansing” and “the world fasted growing refugee crisis and a major humanitarian emergency” while experts in international law have called it “genocide”.

Press Release: How Long You Lie To Deny Rohingya Existence

Press release 15 October 2017

We strongly condemn the remarks of Myanmar Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing to American Ambassador Scot Marciel.

On 11 October the General said, “Rohingya are Bengali. The Bengalis were not taken into the country by Myanmar but by the colonialists. British colonialists were responsible for the problem. Their native place is really Bengal. They might have fled to the other country (Bangladesh) with the same language, race and culture as theirs, assuming they would be safer there. They are not the natives and the records prove that they were not even called Rohingya but just Bengalis during the colonial period.”

Press Release: Repatriation proposal is trickery, Myanmar authorities are not trustworthy

Press release 5 October 2017

During recent weeks more than half a million Rohingya refugees have taken refuge in Bangladesh due to genocide by Suu Kyi-army regime in Myanmar.

The governments of Bangladesh and Myanmar agreed, on 2nd October, to work on a repatriation plan. State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said that verified refugees will be accepted. But the question is how the terrified and traumatized refugees would be repatriated to Arakan/Rakhine State where they experienced, witnessed and fled the genocidal brutality of Myanmar troops, Rakhine terrorists and other vigilantes. Despite assurance by the Myanmar government the violence and brutality continue. There were arson attacks on Quarter No.5 of Maungdaw town even today.

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