Analysis: Rakhine Extremist Gang ALD & RNDP Disguised and Merged as ANP

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Burma Times ( By Ibrahim Shah)


Evidently, through the independent media worldwide, the crime against humanity or Rohingya genocide in western part of Burma is exposed.


while the Rohingya-Genocide-Bell is ringing loudly that the Rakhine extremists collaborating with government brutally attacked the vulnerable Muslims who are long oppressed since 1978 and displaced and confined in concentration camps and banned access to international aid agencies, on the double, the mentor of the extremists and their leading parties are disguised and merged as new political party as like as the skinning of snakes on October 7 and 8 to mask their past unpardonable crimes against humanity or Rohingya genocide.

Amongst the Rakhine extremist gangs, the two notorious Rakhine extremist gangs so called neo-Nazi political parties — Arakan League for Democracy(ALD) and Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) led by Rakhine Hitler Vet. Aye Maung, a Bangladeshi by birth as well as MP—are disguised and merged as Arakan National party (ANP) recently.

The separatist groups of Rakhine have many institutions that are comprised jointly both in Burma and Bangladesh— Arakan League for Democracy(ALD) , Arakan Liberation Party(ALP), Democratic party of Arakan( DPA), Rakhine Women Union (RWU),  All Arakan Student and Youth Council( AASYS), Rakhine Nationalities development Party(RNDP) and Dhaka based Narinjara Rakhine news agency.

To fulfill the dream to build MAHA RAKHITTA NAING NGAN DAW HGREE (a separate and Sovereign Rakhine state), secretly, the separatists have been comprising parties to parties since decades to decades.

According to this saying: kill two birds with one stone, the separatists deliberated to cleanse the two major barriers the Rohingya and the Burmese imperialistic regime to establish their dream world(a separate and Sovereign Rakhine state)  because Rohingya never strived for isolation from the union of Burma/Myanmar; conspired with the pseudo quasi-civilian regime led by killer president Thein Sein and triggered deadly calamity in Rohingya populous areas to lead Rohingya ethnic cleansing swiftly that was initiated since 1978 and to designate their Rakhine extremists in crucial ruling posts in lieu of government officials.

In May 2012, the leading separatist gang RNDP initiated to play evidently against Rohingya and secretly against the regime. Politically, the extremists of RNDP murdered a Rakhine girl known as Ma Thi Ta Htwe and accused that she was raped and murdered by Rohingya.

The political chaos of the Rakhine separatists in western Burma led massive chaos throughout the Burma until today. The innocent Muslims have been undergoing sudden assault since amidst 2012.

The Rakhine terrorists vandalized and burned down village to village, quarter to quarter, and house to house, and raped minor and elder women, and dragged Rohingya virgins into army camps as sex-slaves, massacred and buried in mass graves, and eventually threatened to flee desperately to uncertain destinations.

Mostly, the designated Rakhine amongst the armed forces persecuted the Rohingya and other Muslims ruthlessly; arrested arbitrarily and detained for extortion money and torture unto death, and raid houses again and again and harass women and finally rape the women once they found husband is absent.

“In Burma, the terrorized Muslim victims are not yet free of terror— they are prosecuted on false allegation and imprisoned by unfair verdict in lieu of shelters from Government.”

Deplorably, it is to be expressed that the judiciary is in the hands of the real miscreants and no appeal division for Rohingya absolutely. The extremist are lawyers, on the other hand, they are judges as well.

The paranoid ultra-nationalist Rakhine Hitler Dr. Aye, in his interview with Venus News Journal on June 14, 2012, he said, “The Rakhine state should be established in the way Israel was initially established.”

Through scrutinous analysis, it is discovered obviously that the newly disguised and merged party ANP will stage seizure of Rakhine state power directly as soon as the accomplishment of Rohingya genocide.

Accordingly, it is most critically important for the Burmese reformist government to denounce the newly disguised and emerged party ANP and to reject apply for registration under Burma Election Commission.

The analyst is a Burmese Rohingya Activist.

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