The arc of history can bend towards justice for the Rohingya

* Any views expressed in this opinion piece are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation. What happened to the Rohingya is a stain on the history of humanity. But the arc of history has a way of bending towards justice. Nurul Islam is the Chairman of...

Press Release – ARNO’s Concern Over ASEAN-ERAT Report

Press Release: 12 June 2019 ARNO’s Concern Over ASEAN-ERAT Report Arakan Rohingya National Organisation (ARNO) expresses its serious concern at the leaked report prepared by ASEAN’s Emergency Response and Assessment Team (ASEAN-ERAT). The leaked report reflects...

Statement by Rohingya and Burmese Muslim leaders on the 14th Islamic Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation 30 May 2019

The OIC’s vocal leadership and humanitarian assistance in support of the Rohingya and other Burmese Muslims has been crucial. But words alone will no longer cut it – the OIC must now turn its words into action. We welcome The Gambia’s intention to pursue Myanmar...

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Special Report: Myanmar old guard clings to $8 billion jade empire


HPAKANT, Myanmar (Reuters) – Tin Tun picked all night through teetering heaps of rubble to find the palm-sized lump of jade he now holds in his hand. He hopes it will make him a fortune. It’s happened before.

“Last year I found a stone worth 50 million kyat,” he said, trekking past the craters and slag heaps of this notorious jade-mining region in northwest Myanmar. That’s about $50,000 – and it was more than enough money for Tin Tun, 38, to buy land and build a house in his home village.

But rare finds by small-time prospectors like Tin Tun pale next to the staggering wealth extracted on an industrial scale by Myanmar’s military, the tycoons it helped enrich, and companies linked to the country where most jade ends up: China.

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Press  Release

Joint Statement: Rohingya Condemn Assassination of U Ko Ni and Call for Urgent investigation

Date 30th January 2017

We, the undersigned Rohingya organisations worldwide strongly condemn the assassination of U Ko Ni, 65, a high profile Muslim leader and legal advisor of NLD on Sunday 29, 2017 upon arrival atYangoninternational airport from his official tour to examine the Indonesian model of interfaith. 

U Ko Ni, a 1988 activist, was well known inMyanmaras a sincere, honorable, dedicated and patriotic man. He was the founder ofMyanmar’s Muslim lawyers Association and had contributed the nation with his expertise in law. He was a strong advocate for peace, interfaith dialogue and harmony in the country. It is an irreparable loss for the nation.

Press Release: ARNO Rejects Government’s Investigation Commission

3 December 2016

Arakan Rohingya National Organisation (ARNO) is strongly opposed to the government’s pretension and lack of honesty, and rejects the 13-member investigation commission formed on 1 December, inter alia, for the following reasons:

1. The military and police crackdown on innocent Rohingya civilian population in Northern Arakan since 9 October is state sponsored. It has been carried out with manifest intention of destroying the Rohingya minority community. Not only Myanmar military top brass but also the State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi is morally, officially and wickedly responsible for it.

Press release: UN intervention is the only viable solution in Rohingya situation

28 November 2016

For more than 6 weeks the innocent and peaceful-living Rohingyas have been made systematic targets of wholesale destruction, killing, raping and looting and arson attacks. The Myanmar military and security forces have killed more than 500 people, raped hundreds of women, burned down over 2500 houses, destroyed mosques and religious schools, and perpetrated other inhuman acts.

Save Rohingya from annihilation

Joint Statement
16 October 2016

We, the undersigned Rohingya organisations express our serious concern on the continued military and police crackdown on the civilian population in Northern Arakan.

Since 9 October, under the pretext of looking for attackers, the Myanmar military and police forces have been indiscriminately killing the Rohingya, torching and plundering their homes and villages. Two mass graves were found and about 100 Rohingya civilians were extra-judicially killed that included old men, women and children. At least 5 Rohingya villages were set ablaze destroying many houses or whole villages.

Press Release: Rohingya civilians under attacks, demand urgent protection

Arakan Rohingya National Organisation (ARNO)
Press release

Arakan Rohingya National Organization (ARNO) expresses its serious concern on the ongoing police and military crackdowns on innocent Rohingya civilians in Maungdaw Township following attacks by unidentified assailants on three separate police outposts in northern Arakan on Sunday 9 October. 

Press release: ARNO cautiously welcomes the Annan Commission on Arakan


Arakan Rohingya National Organisation cautiously welcomes the formation of a nine-member Advisory Commission chaired by former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan to find out lasting solutions to the issues in the Arakan/Rakhine State.

“The situation of Rohingya people in Myanmar represents a global challenge for the entire international community”. It is encouraging that the Government of Myanmar, for the first time, appreciates the importance of efforts by international dignitaries like Nobel Laureate Kofi Annan and two other diplomats in resolving the long standing Rohingya problem of ethnic, religious and political persecution.  

The problem in Arakan is not an immigration issue, but systematic, deliberate and often brute forced removal of ethnic Rohingya from their ancestral homeland by organized use of intimidation, terror, rape, murder, destruction and other inhuman acts, under intolerant state policies, with a view to transforming the region into a close-knit homogenous Buddhist Rakhine territory. Decades of Rohingyas’ victimization in Myanmar, including the organized deadly violence occurred and reoccurred against them in Arakan from 2012, have not yet been properly and truthfully investigated. We hope the Annan Commission will leave no stone unturned in looking for an objective assessment.

Press Release: Statement of ARNO on Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s 21st Century Panglong Convention



(25 August 2016)


1.The Panglong Agreement signed on February 12, 1947 between the independence hero late Gen. Aung San and leaders of the several ethnic groups in Panglong, Shan State, was an epoch-making event in the history of Burma to build the Union of Burma together. The history of Burma/Myanmar would have developed differently if there was no Panglong Treaty.

2.But the true spirit of the Panglong — ‘unity in diversity’– has never been realized since Burma’s independence on January 4, 1948. The agreed upon principles of federal democracy, equal rights, autonomy and self-determination of the ethnic nationalities have been largely ignored which developed resentment giving rise to long civil war continuing till today.

Press Release: NLD government Must Protect Rohingya People

16 May 2016

We, the undersigned Rohingya organizations express our serious concern that the security, honour and dignity of the Rohingya population continue to be at stake due to growing anti-Rohingya sentiment at the behest of the powerful and influential groups in the Myanmar.

We are worrying that the ruling National League for Democracy (NLD) government seems to have inclined to yield to the demand of the extremists calling for “Rohingya ethnocide”. Following a protest in late May in Yangon by about 300 ultra-nationalists, including Buddhist monks, publicly denouncing the United States of America for using the word Rohingya, the Myanmar Foreign Ministry, headed by State Counselor-com-Foreign Minister Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, had surprisingly advised foreign embassies in Myanmar avoid using “Rohingya”, although the Rohingya people have the right to self-identify.

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Rohingya History

Rohingyas are not British Era Settlers
Summery of the Facts
From The Rohingyas of Arakan, A F K Jilani
 The following historical facts prove that the Rohingyas are indigenous people of Arakan. "Muslims arrived and settled since last 1000 to 1200 years in Burma” (The SLORC Publication ' Thasana Yongwa Htoonkazepo’ p.65).
            “Many Arab ships wrecked near Rambree Island of Arakan coast during the reign of Mahataing Sanda (788-810) and the crews and the traders of those ships were Muslims and they were sent to the Arakan proper and settled in villages, where the married local women.            According to history, Islam came through the sea borne Sufis and merchants. These were testified by the darghas (shrines) which are dotted at the long coast of Arakan and Burma (British-Burma Gazetteers of 1879 page 16.) “The superior morality of those devout Muslims attracted large number of people towards Islam who embraced it enmasse” (The essential History of Burma by U Kyi P.160).

Rohingya Culture


Currently we are doing lots of research in finding ways to educate our people. Student studied in Burma:The following link is an educational assisting site for those who have studied in Burma. studied in Arab...

Rohingya Food

Rice is the staple food grain of Arakan. The diet of Rohingya is simple rice, fish, vegetables, milk and chillies; meat is taken occasionally. The majority of Rohingyas eat fishes with fresh vegetables or potatoes. Dry fish also is not uncommon among Rohingyas. On all festive occasions cows, water buffaloes and goats are slaughtered for sale and distribution. They eat mutton, beef, and chicken after making `Halal' according to Islamic teaching. It was the tradition of the Rohingyas to honour their special guests by slaughtering a goat or more. If the host were poor he would honour his guest with a roasted chicken. Rohingyas do not eat tortoise, crab and pork.

Rohingya Books

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