Arakan Rohingya National Organisation (ARNO) is one of the representative organisations of the Rohingya people of Arakan, Burma, based in London, the United Kingdom. It is a broad based Organisation of the Rohingya People that emerged in 1998. It is one of the Founding member of Arakan Rohingya Union which was formed with the initiative of Euro-Burma Office and Organisation of Islamic Co-operation (OIC)



The right of ‘self-determination’ of the Rohingya people within the Burmese federation;  preservation of their (Rohingya’s) history and cultural heritage without prejudice to the growth and preservation of other religious and indigenous culture in Arakan; condemnation of  religious persecution  by the military; repatriation of Rohingya refugees from their places of refuge; human resource development particularly in socio-cultural, economic, educational and technical fields; establishment of a welfare society based on equality, liberty, democracy, human rights and freedom for all peoples; “peaceful co-existence” with Rakhine community (Buddhist of Arakan) and among all other peoples in Arakan as well as in the whole of the country; joint struggle with the Burmese opposition and democratic forces; support to landmine ban treaty; support of the rights of Rohingya women and girls to education, health and economic empowerment; educating the youths of the dangers of drugs (including AIDS infection); protection of environment, including forests, rivers, wetland, Coastline Ocean and to save their land from unsustainable logging, killing of endangered species, all forms of pollution, and over fishing and  to preserve a green haven for their children and the world; support for future sustainable, appropriate, clean, and beneficial development to the common people.”

ARNO is working together with all parties and important civil society organisations of the Rohingya people at home and aboard and also with Burmese Organisations. It is working with British Foreign and Common Wealth Office and Parliamentary Committee on Burma and European Parliament. It maintains a close relation with Amnesty International, Asia Watch, Burma Campaign U.K and many other human rights and humanitarian organisations in Europe, USA and Asia. It is closely working together with Burma Democracy movement, ethnic nationalities forums and support groups. In addition ARNO is actively working together with Euro-Burma Office in Brussels (Belgium) and National Reconciliation Programme (NRP) of the Union of Burma. ARNO carries out various socio-cultural, economic and education uplift programmes and human resource development among the Rohingya people.