Aug 5, 2021 03:00 PM in London

The Arakan Rohingya National Organisation will be hosting its third webinar: People of the Soil: Land Rights, Identity, and Human Rights. In discussions about human rights abuses, land rights are often a neglected aspect of the conversation. This particular webinar will focus on how the Rohingya, Biafran, Uyghur and indigenous communities in Europe have faced challenges with regards to their land rights and how the challenges could be addressed.


Deniz Tamer, COO and General Counsel, MTICC, Inc.


Dr. Emmanuel Eenekwechi,
Chair, Congress of Nations and States Preparatory Body, Biafra

Maira Aisaeva,
Member Congress of Nations and States Preparatory Body, Uyghur

Dr. Habib Ullah,
Arakan Rohingya National Organisation (ARNO), Rohingya

India Reed Bowers,
BA LLM, Independent Freelance Consultant, Founder & Director, International Organization for Self-Determination and Equality (IOSDE)