By Deirel Cinzah

December 22, 2007 – China is the core supporter and the backbone of Burma's military regime. It is not a secret. The Burmese military regime might have long gone without the blind political and economic support of the Chinese Communist regime. China embraced the new formed State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC), which was formed in the aftermath of the 8888 national uprising when it bloodied its hands by slaughtering innocent Burmese people. And China began giving economic and political support to the regime since early 1990s. In other words, China chose the military regime over the people of Burma.


Although the people of Burma are unhappy with China's foreign policy towards Burma, they have never taken any action against China. However, things have changed after the 'Saffron Revolution' in September, 2007. The people of Burma abroad along with their foreign sympathizers held demonstrations in front of the Chinese consulates and embassies in several countries for several days. On October 9, some unknown gunmen on motorcycles opened fire at the Chinese consulate in Mandalay , the second capital city of Burma .

It would be very unwise for China not take this message seriously. The end for the military regime is near. Thus, if China wants to maintain a healthy and warm relationship with the future democratic Union of Burma for its long term interests then it is time for China to review carefully its foreign policy toward Burma . China must cease selling weapons, all military equipment and all political and economic support to the regime altogether.

It would be foolish if China thinks the people of Burma can do nothing against it. I the future Burma can take steps without causing loss to the country. First by stopping trade with China and if it happens China would lose one of its important markets that would result in huge financial loss of billions of dollars. Burma can import all the goods that it may need from other countries and can export its goods to other countries as well. More importantly, it would be big problem for China if it cannot import its energy needs such as oil, natural gas and hydro power from Burma .

Secondly, Burma can close down all Chinese military bases in its territory. It may give the Chinese bases to India if the people of Burma decide that India is worthy of reward based on its performances during their struggle for democracy. if their bases are taken by India, it would be a serious threat to China's national security.
Finally, Burma can take political and diplomatic punitive actions. Firstly, Burma can recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state as some countries do today. It can support Taiwan in the United Nations to get recognition and get a seat in the UN. Secondly, if Burma wants to take more serious action, it can even cut off diplomatic relations with China and establish formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan .

Taiwan has taken smart action, especially after the 'Saffron Revolution. Taiwan quickly condemned the Burmese military regime for cracking down on peaceful demonstrators during the 'Saffron Revolution'. Taiwan has officially announced its willingness and readiness to help Burma when Burma regains democracy, and Taiwan has formed a task force in Thailand to help Burmese activists to usher in democracy in Burma . It would go down in history and the people of Burma will remember it.