The Burmese military is bent on exterminating the Rohingya people to the last man by application of black laws and use of force. The Rohingya are today enlisted as one of the ten world populations in danger of extinction. These pre-planned extermination blueprint has seeded the revolutionary planet and forced the armless weak farmer in talking guns in place of plough.  

The Mujaheed Party, Arakan

Jeehad Council
ON August 20, 1947, the Mujaheed Party, Arakan was formed under Dobboro Chaung Declearation. It was led by Mr. Jafar Hussain popularly known as Jafar Kawal. The Mujaheed Pary of guided Jeehad Council consists of the then Rohingya elders who supported Jeehad movement in Arakan. The aim of the Mujaheed Party was to create a Muslim Autonomous State within Federal Union of Burma. However the organization has scattered in early sixties due to the lack of International Community’s support and cooperation.

Rohingya Independent Force (RIF)

Rohingya Independent Force (RIF) was formed on 26 April 1964 at Maungdaw, Arakan under the leadership of Master Sultan Ahmed and Mr. Jafar Habib popularly known as B.A. Jafar. The aim of the RIF was to create a Rohingya Autonomous State under the Union of Burma. In 1969 the name of RIF was changed into AIR ( Rohingya Independent Army) and led by Mr. Jafar Habib.

Rohingya Patriotic Front (RPF)

On 12 September 1973 near Sack Dala on Burma-Bangladesh border the name of AIR was changed into Rohingya Patriotic Front (RPF) and led by Jafar Habib. After the independence of Bangladesh there were many changes in RPF and finaly in June 1974 RPF was reconstituted and was led by Mr. Jafar Habib, President, Mr.Nurul Islam, Vice President and General Secretary was Master Shabbir Hussain. The aim of the RPF was to create a Rohingya Autonomous State within Union of Burma.

Unfortunately, particularly since 1978, factionalism and disunity have crept into Rohingya movement causing serious disintegration and mushrooming of so-called or factional groups of pretenders, who have been exploiting the oppressed and persecuted Rohingya people while deceiving their friends and supporters around the world.

This situation of the Rohingya movement had become so ugly that, at one stage, it became almost impossible for friendly individuals or organizations to distinguish the true representative organization of the Rohingya people. It was so long a prime concern of the supporters, IGOs, NGOs, human rights and humanitarian organizations as well as international community.

On the other hand, the sufferings of the Rohingya people beggared description. Under the circumstance, the unity of the Rohingya organizations was the only answer to the challenges thrown by the enemies.

Rohingya National Alliance(RNA)

In 1995 the then existing two Rohingya organizations of Arakan Rohingya Islamic Front (ARIF ) and Rohingya Solidarity Organisation (RSO ) had united together in the from of alliance under the umbrella of Rohingya National Alliance (RNA ). They had agreed to combine all their resources and efforts and to work together in all fields = political, military, socio-cultural, educational, and other national activities in the interest of their people. A Joint Declaration of Alliance was signed and issued on 10th July 1995

But, much to the surprise of everyone, a few months after the emergence of Rohingya National Alliance ( RNA ),the RSO was divided into two factions, RSO (Dr. Mohammed Yunus ) and RSO (Mohammed Zakaria). Bitter rivalry and intense infighting between the two factions of RSO degenerated them into indiscipline and total loss of command among the rank and files. Thus the Alliance had been reduced to almost nonfunctional and the people become very much worried for this.

Arakan Rohingya National Organization (ARNO)

However, the Rohingya elders with friends and supporters remained persuading or pressuring on those Rohingya organizations, specially in view of the deteriorating situation of the Rohingya people. Accordingly the ARIF and RSO factions also prudently realized the paramount importance of unity among them and opted for a broad-based single representative organization. The leaders of the ARIF, RSO (Yunus) and RSO (Zakaria) together with Rohingya elite, academics and intellectuals, after a long deliberations and discussions on all issues and problems relating to the Rohingya movement for about two years, had finally evolved a best suited formula, framed a constitution and policy guide lines for the future course of action programmes. All the three organizations were officially declared dissolved and merged into single representative organization of Arakan Rohingya National Organisation (ARNO ). A new Central Committee was formed with Mr. Nurul Islam as its president. To this end a Joint Declaration of the Merger of the all Rohingya Organisation dated 28th November 1998 was signed, issued and circulated, It is to be stressed that the emergence of ARNO, through the merger of all Rohingya organizations, has given a fresh impetus to the Rohingya freedom struggle and it has become a symbol of hope and confidence for the entire Rohingya people. The people have complimented the leader of the movement on this achievement. Also this blessed unity has been bailed by friends and supporters across the world. Let us enumerate the advantage of the national unity under ARNO.

(1) It combines the moral, material and spiritual resources of the Rohingya people against the oppressors;

(2) It galvanizes the Rohingya masses into more vigorous participation of the struggle and this helps to inflict more crippling blows upon unpopular and rotten SPDC military regime;

(3) It eradicates the factionalism, infighting that have long crept into the Rohingya society and prevents the curse of disunity which would only bring havoc, disgrace and destruction to the Rohingya people;

(4) It proves beyond doubt, the confidence, commitment and dedication of the oppressed Rohingya people to continue their struggle in Arakan till their inalienable right to “self-determination and independence” is achieved.

It is irony that some time after the emergence of ARNO a handful of self-centered persons started claiming so-called RSO, which is now a defunct organization . But the people have strongly condemned it and expressed their serious concern about their activities, recklessness and frequent breakdown of law and order situation. In this connection, a joint statement of the three Heads of the former organizations of ARIF. RSO ( Yunus ) and (Zakaria ) was issued on 10th June 1999.

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