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It is time for Rohingya Muslims, abandoned by their government, slaughtered by Buddhist nationalists, to take up arms and fight back.

(BERLIN Mayu Press) – For many decades, Rohingya Muslims have been persecuted in Burma, continuously, but the world is ignorantly silent with no answers for the Rohingya’s plight or crisis.

The international media groups highlighted the suffering of the Rohingyas, who are experiencing what can only be described as genocide. The perpetual atrocities carried out by the Burmese chauvinist government, terrorizing local police and mobs belonging to Buddhist nationalists in NW Arakan state made unambiguous attempts to eradicate all Rohingyas from the country.

Many international Right groups published frequent reports of the slaughtering of Rohingya, calling the crisis genocide. UN Special Rapporteur Quintana distinctly stated after his six-day mission, (His sixth visit in Myanmar) — “I am concerned, however, at the allegations I have received of serious human rights violations committed as part of measures to restore law and order. These include the excessive use of force by security and police personnel, arbitrary arrest and detention, killings, the denial of due process guarantees and the use of torture in places of detention. While I am in no position to be able to verify these allegations at this point in time, they are of grave concern. It is therefore of fundamental importance to clearly establish what has happened in Rakhine State and to ensure accountability.”

However the Burmese Government did not concentrate attentively on what UN rapporteur Quinta stressed, even to form free and fair independent investigation. The government inquiry commission on the sectarian violence in Rakhine state, was composed of 27 members last year and 4 out of them Burmese Muslims were later ousted. But Rohingyas were not allowed. What a mockery it is! The genocidal Burmese regime formed the so-called investigation commission who masterminded and played the key role of the bloody violence in Rakhine state, western Burma.

Matthew Smith, a researcher for Human Rights Watch, said: “The world should not be blinded by the excitement of Myanmar’s political opening. Rohingya are paying for that approach with their lives.”

Rohingyas are being killed and their homes, mosques, shops and orphanages are being burned down to the ground. No words can suffice to describe their plight in the face of this ethnic purge of unprecedented violence, however the silence of the Western governments that never cease to preach democracy and human rights are nothing except disgrace.

The response of the international community to the conflict in Burma has varied considerably. Western nations had typically strained relations with Burma despite the country’s bleak human rights record, Asian nations have maintained diplomatic and economic relations to varying degrees, whereas international organizations have exerted considerable pressure on the Burmese government and all the while, some of their projects have been conducted in cooperation with the same dictatorial government. The response of the international community has been all consistent.

The international communities are busy investing in Burma; supporting the second Hitler, Thein Sein and his government, in a vast momentum, while Sein planned widely to kill all Muslims in Burma for making a Muslim free-zone. If we focus on Darfur and East Timor’s severe history, and see how Western countries were involved, then we have clear points about the Rohingya Muslims’ future in Burma. Because it concerns a religious matter, world bodies are doing nothing to change the bleak and dangerous lives of Rohingya people.

Now it is due time for the Rohingya to take their own security as ‘Self-Defense’ where there is not any contradiction to the ‘UN Acts of Self-defense,’ if Rohingya move to save their lives. Since Burma’s independence in 1948, the Rohingya have lost approximately 200,000 innocent lives without any allegations of wrongdoing. More than 2 million Rohingya are homeless today, many are floating over the ocean in boats desperately. If other ethnicities of Burma are moving for their fundamental rights against the dictatorial government headed by killer Thein Sein, why aren’t the Rohingya? Also, the International community should assist so that Rohingya can defend themselves. Groups are fighting against the Burmese dictatorial regime, except the unarmed Rohingya.

The article writer is Mohamed Ibrahim, editor of Mayu Press.
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