Days ago, 7 year-old Fatimah died of dehydration, cast out and neglected by her home country of Burma because she is a Muslim. And she’s not alone — thousands of Rohingya Muslims are starving to death or even murdered because of their religion and ethnicity. But we can force Burma’s President to save the Rohingya.

The situation is turning more desperate every day — recent violence killed scores and over 100,000 Rohingya have been forced into cramped refugee camps with little food, dirty water and no sanitation. Burmese leader Thein Sein is wavering on his promises to tackle the crisis, but a major investment summit is coming up, and the last thing he wants is to be shamed by his scandalous inaction — if we all join in, we can get him to bring justice to the Rohingya Muslims.

We have just weeks — sign the petition calling on President Thein Sein to give the Rohingya citizenship and equal rights, and guarantee that aid reaches those in need. When we gather 50,000 signatures, Avaaz will stage a demonstration outside the summit in Yangon that will expose President Sein. Click below to join and then share this widely.