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(Burma times) by Ibrahim Shah – “Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! In Burma, isn’t it: Alas! What—?

“To disband the pernicious virus that interrupts fragile reform in Burma—the newly registered neo-Nazi party known as Rakhine Nationalities Development party (RNDP) that has founded by a gang of pernicious viruses of racists in 2010—.”

It is critically important for a scrutinous analysis or observation concerning the current perpetual strife against Rohingya, Kaman, Ka Bya, Burma Muslim that is a great challenge or obstacle for the country’s fragile reform which earned a bad reputation  since June 2012 as the country failed to protect its ethnic minorities due to  lack of rules of law for the ethnic minorities in particular while so called fragile reform is going on.

After the stepped down of the notorious Hitlerite Burmese Junta in 2010, on the double, another pernicious virus party known as neo-Nazi  RNDP that is deadly worse than the ex-generals was founded by some pernicious viruses of racists  and led by Rakhine-Hitler Vet. Aye Maung, a Bangladeshi by birth Member of Parliament. RNDP was formed comprising with the people of mass and class Rakhine fanatic, terrorists, religious faked monks, student union, women’s association, Rakhine cultural association, merchants, Karate youth club, and high level intellectuals who are working in government offices and harboring networks with those outsiders (local and international) who have involved full time activities under the direction of RNDP in this carnage trick.

To implement their racialistic propagandas, the Rakhine leader Aye Kyaw successfully convinced the dictator Ne Win to constitutionally declare the Rohingya as the non citizens of Burma and the Rohingya are ousted amongst 143 registered ethnicities imposing the black law 1982 citizenship law that was passed amidst Junta Ne Win dictatorship. Since 1978, Rohingya are massively ousted forcefully by the various military operations. Gradually, the Rohingya population is decreased by the swift ethnic cleansing (major military operations in reiteration after some years) and gradual ethnic cleansing (marriage restriction).

However, what made the (mogh) Rakhine Buddhist population to corporately assault in a vast momentum their Rohingya neighbors to its ongoing ethnic cleansing throughout the country? Research shows it is their dream of establishing a Rakhine kingdom that was destroyed by Burmese king in 1784. It is the Rakhine war criminal’s sense of their ethnic identity over humanity that turns them into acting like monsters. It seems like the story of the former Yugoslavia revisits in Arakan again.

To deprive the fundamental rights of Rohingya, the state-sponsored neo-Nazi gang RNDP triggered strife killing ten Muslim pilgrims from outskirts of Rakhine province who are travelling by bus through the Taungup; based on a raped issue of a Rakhine girl who was murdered politically by the RNDP organizational conscience in May 2012.

During the strife, the Rakhine pernicious virus of racist’s gang or Rakhine terrorist gang assaulted the Rohingya massively in June and Ka BYA and Burma Muslims in October 2012 and Kaman in September 2013. The terrorists of RNDP collaborating with the authorities vandalized hamlets and religious buildings of Rohingya,Kaman, Ka Bya ,Burma Muslims and other ethnic Muslims and massacred and looted properties.

“The party’s master-plan, it secretly organized Bengal Rakhine fanatics via RNDP’s network from Bangladesh, where nearly a million Bangladeshi Rakhine indigenous resides in accord U Aye Maung, the Rakhine RNDP party lets the Rohingya villages and people from each township destroyed, burned, torched, killed and driven away from their original places for unknown, mysterious destination as internally displaced persons by Rakhine fanatic brought Bangladesh with a combined help of local Rakhine hooligans who are mostly Ra-Ma-La, ex-Rakhine liberation forces.”

The mastermind and provocateurs of the Rohingya and other ethnic Muslims genocide—


Dr. Aye Maung mastermind, in his interview with Venus News Journal on June 14, 2012, he said, “The Rakhine state should be established in the way Israel was initially established.”

  1. RNDP’s Secretary General, U-Oo-Hla-Saw.jpg
    1. U Hla Maung Tin rule the Rakhine state as the style of “mobo-cracy

“The entire Rakhine State administration was put into the hand of the mob, which included –Rakhine fanatic, armed terrorists, rude people, disguised yellow ribbon monks, secret police, merchant, karate association, so called educated man and women and so called intellectual academic, journalists, reporters and so on — by U Hla Maung Tin to rule Rakhine state as the style of “mobo-cracy” at this situation and which Nay-Pyay-Daw government is wait and see position.

  1.  Rakhine state Hluttaw which is run by U Hla Maung Tin. Most policemen along the Rakhine state are involved. Most district and township administrative officers and staffers are also involved.
  2. Saw Mra Zar Lin is the chairperson of the Rakhine Women Union (RWU) based in Bangladesh as well as a central committee member of Arakan Liberation Party (ALP).
  3. KO KO GYI, the big mouth anti Rohingya provocateur and his gang.


  1. 7. Aye Chan, whose father was a Bangladeshi Buddhist coauthored a book identifying the Rohingya as “Influx Virus” recommended that they are required to be exterminated


8. Ashin Nayaka and “many Rakhine monks who engage in community riots asking for expulsion of national people and always instigating communal rampage rather than propagation of Buddhism in a monastery.”

9. NaSaKa Chief Commander- Aung Gyi

10.Rakhine  State Attorney General Hla Thein,
Khaing-Soe-Naing-Aung of the Arakan Liberation party(ALP)

11.The Rohingya killer Hmuu Zaw, of the security forces

Moreover, “Toe-tet-yay”or Progress, the official publication of the RNDP Information and Research Department. Progress’s editorial (Volume 2, number 12, November 2012) endorsed the horrendous view – that Hitler may be a monster for Jews; he was the Hero for the Germans. This is the view that my Germans in their right mind would find extremely repulsive and difficult to sympathize.

“On September 29 at the International Business Center (IBC) in Yangon, a meeting was held between the Rakhine representatives from 17 townships and Speaker Thura Shwe Mann. Zaw Aye Maung, the Yangon regional government Rakhine Affairs Minister made a presentation on geopolitical, social and border security affairs and said that “Cooperation between union government and Rakhine people for security in the state is necessary. We demand the formation of a people’s militia in each and every township in the state. I request you to have faith in the Rakhine people and entrust us this duty.”

Apparently, the master plan of the Rakhine pernicious virus of racists gang or Rakhine terrorist gang would never be ceased.

They will never withdraw from their violent efforts to divide the Rakhine state from the Republic of the Union of Myanmar politically and tactfully. According to this saying, kill two birds with one stone, the RNDP is cleansing both the Burmese authorities and the Rohingya. The Rakhine terrorist gang leader Dr. Aye Maung has been reached even in parliament. The ALP has negotiated with the Burmese regime and set up a liaison office in Kyauk Taw on 3rd September 2012.  It has a major network that consolidated the “Rakhine people’s militia” both in Bangladesh and its border Burma to fight against the Burmese rulers when time is due.

Accordingly, it is critically important to disband the pernicious virus neo-Nazi RNDP that is a major obstacle not only for the Rakhine state but also for the entire country’s fragile reform.

Sources: http://www.maungzarni.com/2013/05/its-official-now-new-myanmar-has-nazi.html


Ibrahim Shah (The analyst is Burmese Rohingya activist and editor of Burma Times)

Source link: http://burmatimes.net/analysis-the-pernicious-virus-interrupts-fragile-reform-in-burma-rndp/