By Hasan 

Education is the backbone of any nation. Without educated patriotic people our struggle toward regaining our rights and self determination shall remain at distance. At such we have from the very beginning of the leadership, tried to facilitate our people with whatever means to assist them in their plight for education.  Today we have initiated a new project of facilitating information and resources to our people to provide them with a guide to further their education. With the hope, one day they will lead the nation further and serve the community to their best.

 While in our endeavor to find the best solution we tried to focus on the best resources and at the same time retaining ourselves to the monetary limitation of our people. This week I have focused for our people living in the Middle East where around 1 million Rohingyas live. The easiest the most reasonable place to study for this region is Sudan. It has a lot of universities with very flexible tuitions and scholarship. Besides as most of the university’s medium of instruction is Arabic; it is easier for our people studying in various Arabic public schools to follow-up. The followings are the list of Universities in Sudan: *  Ahfad University for Women *  Al-Fashir University (El-Fashir) *  Al-Neelain University *  Al-Zaiem Al-Azhari University (Khartoum North) *  Bahr-al-Ghazal-University *  Bakhet El-Rudda University (Eldewaym) *  Bayan College of Science and Technology *  Blue Nile University (Damazeen) *  Dongola University *  El-Dalang University (El-Dalang) *  El-Gadarif University *  El-Imam El-Mahdi University (Kosti) *  International University of Africa *  Juba University *  Kassala University *  Kordofan University *  Nile Valley University *  Nyala University *  Omdurman Ahlia University *  Omdurman Islamic University *  Red Sea University (Port Sudan) *  Shendi University *  Sinar University *  Sudan University of Science and Technology *  University of Gezira (Wad Medani) *  University of Holy Quran and Holy Sciences *  University of Khartoum *  University of West Kordofan (El-Foula) *  Upper Nile University (Malakal) *  University of Zalengei *  Western Upper Nile University (Bentiu) *  Leer Metropolitan University (leer) *  Mayom Agriculture & Mechanical University (Mayom) *  Nasir International University (Nasir) *  Akobo County Memorial University (Akobo) Retrieved from "" We also urge our brothers who have studies in Sudan to send us feedback and suggestion; So that we can post it here.Best Luck.