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Burmese refugees from Klang-Malaysia had sent a letter to us and shown that we refugees believe ‘The Sail’ will reserves the right of publication and edition through Freedom of Press. As follows,

Dear editor,

Today 04 July 2008, Rela raids including Immigration started at 1:30 am and ended 3:30 am midnight, in Klang Meru and Kg. Jawa. Total about 200 persons were arrested , out of about 80 are Burmese Rohingy refugees and others are Indonesians. Among them, one of 80 Rohingyas is one month old baby, 15 are children, 3 are under 2 years old and 10 are women.

During the raids, various Burmese communities informed to UNHCR hot-line, GBV hot-line and local NGO through SMS. But they were lifted by 4 lorries and detained in Semenyith detention camp.

Similarly, such kind of clarification dominated on 3 decades based stateless people in Sabah state. This is the worst lack of distinguishing between illegals who were chosed to move and refugees who were forced to move.

Refugees languishing in the circle of detention without set duration.

Later of May 2008, Malaysia immigration department was accused for involving in human trafficking therefore no Burmese refugees are deport to border or hand over to agency. But they were being detained for prolong with instant security problems while hopping for UNHCR’s legal representation to its recognized refugees. But also such kind of presentations were meeting t non-Rohingyas. That is why Rohingyas were facing tripartite problems by Burmese rulers, host government authorities, nearest UNHCR’s hypo-mania-policy. However its High Commissioner Antonio Guterres’s quotation on ‘world refugees day’ that “to advance necessary assistances on vulnerable refugees”, nearest UNHCR has yet to practice its humanitarian challenges regardless of race or religion or yet to change old habit and resistants.

An activist Mr.Habib said, “when I was detained my 6th detention during 5 months, I was not met UNHCR’s assistance, conduction legal representation or good advocacy, what ever applied many times because of not a non-Rohingya. So, for others like ill-read and writable– should face surely with such circle.



Source: The Sail