By Abid Bahar

Lately, Rakhines of Arakan “Protest against the BBC and demand apology” for showing Rohingyas in the Burma map. But why apology? For showing the Rohingya homeland in Arakan? I understand that BBC knew all about the Rakhine-Rohingya problems and also that the ultranationalist Rakhine’s sucess in convincing the Burmese military to declare the Rohingyas as the noncitizens of Burma. Not surprisingly, showing the Rohingya existance in Arakan only flamed the racist fire. But the BBC was polite enough to not say openly that Arakan is the epicentre of refugee production in South Asia and South East Asia and it is the Rakhine-Moghs to blame..


Historically speaking, Arakan was a medieval kingdom lost its independence to Burma for its holligans and its leader’s belief in intolerance and lawlessness; Arakan at some point of history for their oppressive rule became notoriously famous. In the Bay of Bengal they were in the business of slave trade with the Portuguage by capturing Bengali men, women and children and in the process Arakan earned its name “Mogher Mulluk,” land of the holligans. It is here that the Moghul prince Suja and his family members were promised to give shelter but in the end were robbed and massacred. In this holligan spirit, the extremist Rakhine Moghs failed to understand that intolerance doesn’t pay positively.

In our modern times, Arakan is only a backward province of Burma became so backward and insignificant that we hear its name only in reference to exporting Rohingya refugees to the surrending countries and its leaders like Aye Kyaw becoming famous for openly preaching xenophobia.No measures taken yet to take them to the ICC.

Surprisingly, to the Rakhine leaders, the holligan intolerance in Arakan is tolerable and the burden of refugees from Arakan to Bangladesh, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia and elsewhere is not a concern at all and for the Rakhine it is business as usual. Research shows that in the Arakan province the extremist take over is complete; it is in the education, business, police and in the military recruits from Arakan.

Not knowing it well, the international community until now blamed the Burmese military for the Rohingya genocide in Arakan but only lately is finding out the notority in this corner of the world not by the Burmans but by the ultranationalist Rakhines. This is because the holligans has been acting as if they are the victims. Rohingyas are projected as foreigners in Arakan even “Influx viruses.” and when these xenophobes see danger, they hide their head under the Burma turtle shell but when it passess away it shows its Rakhine Mogh all out extremist/ holligan nussiance causing death, destruction and genocide in this part of the world.

Abid Bahar
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source from 20 Dec 2011