On December 10, 2019, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) will start a hearing with regard to legal proceedings against the state of Myanmar/Burma for the case of genocide against Rohingya people. The International Karen Organisation (IKO) hopes that the development would lead to a path of terminating the civil war in Myanmar that has been going on for over 70 years.

Since the time of independence, successive regimes in power have imposed the unitary system of government on country, in accordance with the ideologies of racial chauvinism and military despotism, contrary to the will of the ethnic nationalities. As a result, wars broke out incessantly and the country has been dragged down into poverty.

In military operations in the areas of the non-Burman ethnic nationalities, including in those of the ethnic Karen nationality, the Bamar Tatmadaw (Myanmar Army) has systematically committed widespread human rights violations and war crimes. Due to murder, rape, torture etcetera, and the looting and destruction of properties and villages, many members of the ethnic nationalities have become IDP and refugees, and their exodus to Diasporas. The IKO concludes that Myanmar government and Tatmadaw have to face legal action at the ICJ as a consequence of their wanton actions, committed under the pretension of internal affairs.

The IKO has declared its welcome and support for action even at the time when the UN Independent International Fact-Finding Mission (IIFFM) started the process to prosecute the individuals responsible for crimes relating to affairs of the Rohingya people and the ethnic nationalities. The IKO fully supports the current undertaking by the ICJ.

Accordingly, the IKO calls on the Myanmar Delegation going to the ICJ to disclose with courage the incidents that have taken place in the field objectively, conscientiously and responsibly, in recognition of the basic principles and standards of the Universal Human Rights.
Central Executive Committee
International Karen Organisation (IKO)

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