To the Young, Poor, Intelligent and Dedicated Youths of Burma where ever you may be:-

 If you are age between 20 and 30 and do not belong to the 3 Gs  please read the following:-

[Guns; you must not be a relative of Lt. Colonel and above of the Burmese army. Gold; must obsess in Gold such as going to a third country for good or a crony of a Junta. Goons; must not belong to pro-military goons organizations (Kyant-Phut/SwanArrShin) that rough ride shot over the common people.] 

            To approach Life as a one big game where you always have to win, is a hopeless delusion and fantasy, even though material possession, professional success and personal victories are enjoyable, they last only a while like a ripple in the wide ocean (refer Ananda Thuria).

            Of course you are old enough to walk but it is only AEIOU that will take you to your goal and in your study will show you a more holistic life far from this mundane world.

            Great ideas are not only what you will find, but real experience is actually what will happen to you for AEIOU is Distinctive, Innovative and Stimulating. As the only Burmese University in Diaspora AEIOU offers the most interesting curricula taught so far by 32 professors from 21 countries. Moreover after the Prep 1st year, if you are eligible, you can branch off to professional lines like medical, engineering, computer science, etc. New disciplines such as curing Trauma hitherto confined only in Refugees and IDPs, was found in every category of student has to be wilfully introduced after the Saffron Revolution and Cyclone Nagris. You will be enlightened to discover the real contemporary history of Burma starting from 1948.

            AEIOU which is endeavouring to construct the pillars of Democracy and Good Governance is also laying the Union Spirit (Pyidaungsu Seikdat) for the future of the Federal Union of Burma.

            We are adaptable actions oriented and beckon Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), Migrant Workers and even dedicated youths from inside Burma to come and study at AEIOU with full scholarships. The Matriculation Examination will by on 26th July 2008 (Saturday) at 38 exam centres in the peripherals of Burma, inside Burma and International centres (for obvious reasons we cannot announced the details)

            Welcome one welcome all. For clarification please contact Naw Edina Kham edinakham@gmail.com or telephone +66 08 69 21 00 37  


Clarification for Matriculation Examination

          Through our experience we discovered that annually hundreds of students answer the exam and less than 10% ever passed the Matriculation. Please remember that, our examination questions are not a High School level, Post Ten level or a Community College levels, but is a University Level examination at par with the International standard. Hence it is of a high standard.

          The level of English is GCE (A) Level, CANTAS level or TOFEL 5 plus level, so please thoroughly prepare for it. AEIOU being accredited to several universities and did not teach Burmese language (except to the foreign students) but accepts the Burmese language as a lingua franca and hence the translation from Burmese to English and vice versa is compulsory. One essay on contemporary Burmese or International Affairs is indispensable and please be noted that it must be in an essay format. Précis writing, good grammar, idioms and literature from both English and Burmese are also expected.

          For the written examination there are two papers, one is English Language as described above which is a 3 hours paper and the second is General Knowledge about Burma and International affairs. For the latter, which is a two hours paper, one must read the international newspapers, listen to the international radio and look at the television news

           If a candidate passed the written examination, an oral (interview) will follow conducted by one of our representatives. Once you passed both the exams then you are qualified to attend the AEIOU 1st year. Good luck to all.
Office of the Board of Examiners

Note:                        Applications forms are given below, those answering from the peripherals of Burma and International centre must fill up the O-Form.pdf (Outside Burma) and those appearing from inside the country must fill up the I-Form.pdf (Inside Burma forms)