The Arakan Rohingya National Organisation (ARNO) welcomes the recent actions taken against the military junta in Myanmar (Burma).  At the beginning of December, the Government of Canada imposed a new round of sanctions on Burma as a result of continued human rights violations.

The United States has continued its support of the people of Burma with the National Defense Authorization Act which includes amendments to support the end of military rule in Burma.  Further, ARNO notes that the US recently launched its Rohingya resettlement policy, coordinating with placement of families with Bangladesh and has continued to provide financial aid to Bangladesh to ensure basic needs are met while the Rohingya people temporarily seek shelter in Bangladesh.

Moreover, the Governments of the Netherlands, Italy, and Japan recently pledged more material support to the UNHCR and other agencies operating in the refugee camps in Bangladesh so that the Rohingya situation can improve.

ARNO notably welcomes the actions taken by the United Kingdom, the “penholder” on the issue relating to Burma, at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to coordinate among the UNSC members to deliver Resolution 2669 on Burma.  The Council, which includes permanent members Russia and China, has been hailed as taking a “significant step” towards protecting the people of Burma.

ARNO notes however, that regional leaders, China and India (a current member on the UNSC), have much more to gain by ensuring an end to the violence and promoting a peaceful transition where the people of Myanmar are able to decide their own future. The refugees that are fleeing from Burma as a result of the violence will continue to cause chaos and potentially create new security issues where none were present before. ARNO is aware that many countries which share a border with Burma are already experiencing this.

Resolution 2669, despite more actions which are needed, still should be applauded. The UNSC must make a significant commitment towards enforcing the words in the Resolution.  The United Nations has passed several resolutions on the Rohingya situation and the situation in Burma and yet the people continue to languish. The Rohingya know from first-hand experience, the policy and plans of violence perpetrated by the junta is not meant to quick and short, but is built to be a long, protracted, steady campaign until the final result is achieved.

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