Self-Attempts of Burmese monks with regime to terrorize Muslims

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This article is written by Koraunghfee @ Ibrahim Sha (Bangla Times)

After five decades when Myanmar dictatorial regime has to step down unwillingly due to international pressings, in 2008, the notorious dictator Junta Than Shwe held referendum throughout the state with his adopted Hitlerite fiddles senior talented militaristic officials to rule the state militaristically as quasi-civilian regime.

To implement perpetually the ancient pre-planned propaganda against Muslims, in particular, Rohingya across the country that were unwillingly postponed amidst ongoing democracy transition from military transition, the histrionic military backed president Thein Sein triggered continual riots with some Buddhist ultra-nationalists, as well as  in corporation, with Buddhist radical monks and racialistic Buddhist youth clubs. Then, the president empowered the Rakhine terrorists with all the necessary tasks conspiring with the current Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) not only to massacre the Rohingya in a vast momentum but also to strip of Rohingya rights during ongoing democracy.

The deliberate mob attack on ten Muslim pilgrims in Taungup Township by approximated 300 Buddhists diffused the whole Rakhine, western state of Burma and spread gradually across the every Muslim quarters. In fact, it is deplorable that how tens of thousands of innocent and unarmed Muslims— Rohingya, Kabbya, Panthe, Kamman and Myanmar Muslims— are absolutely lost their blooded relatives alive and hunted in oppression forcibly  and displaced and eventually kept in concentration camps as internally displaced people(IDP) where there is dire situation rather than animals.

The Burmese imperialists have been carrying out anti-Muslim propaganda since even before the final invasion of Burmese king maung Wei to the western Burma known as Arakan in 1784 that was renamed, politically, as Rakhine state in 1974. Furthermore, the double standard of Burmese imperialists on Muslims has been in a vast momentum enacted during the so called democracy of Burma in 2012.

The ever most destruction of Rohingya by terrorists of both government and locals is the democracy term of quasi-civilian regime of which chief is President Thein Sein throughout the Myanmar History.

The varieties of disaster faced by Rohingya and other Muslims of Burma increasingly in 2012—massacre, gangbang, slaughter, vandalizing buildings including religious houses, threats to flee desperately to unknown destinations, assaulting women in front of blood relatives—by Burmese security forces and local Burmese and Rakhine terrorists.

Is it humanization or dehumanization of so called Burmese reformist— Killer Thein Sein to Muslims?

Although there is never even one atomic bad reputation against Muslims that the Muslims have ever forced other faiths to embrace Islam, the radical monk Wirathu known in one-term worldwide “Face of Buddhist Terrorism in Burma” has been coming convincing and setting mindsets to every Buddhist against Islam since 2001 and was sentenced until 25 years in 2003 amid martial law.

Since amidst 2012, in lieu of banning anti-Muslim incitements, the government itself has been inciting anti-Islam and empowered Buddhist nationalism charging more innocent Muslims with engagement in collisions falsely, in reality, those collisions were triggered by Rakhine terrorists of the central government order.

Notoriously, the 969 Islamophobia movement led by monk Wirthu campaigned to segregate Buddhists from Muslims including communication as ‘’give and take’’.  The more the president Thein Sein gives oral services to stop persecution about minorities, in particular, the Rohingya minority in western Burma during his international tour, the more he implements it absolutely against his assurances returning in the state.

Since last year June 2012 until today the regime couldn’t find out the real criminals of ten Muslims massacre and hundreds of Buddhist Rakhine terrorists who masterminded in June 2012 Rohingya genocide and those who perpetrates perpetually with daily fresh fronts but more Muslims are charged with false allegation day by day. On the double, Rohingya advocates and politicians are double charged as life-time imprisonment when they move against the oppressive territorial rules and it is terrible for Rohingya for there is nought elites remained to advocate Rohingya national cause currently inside the state.

Here is the paradox prediction of the Buddhist ultra-nationalist monk Wirathu who told to the Associated Press Monday from his monastery in Mandalay that the blast was couldn’t by the ordinary Muslims but the work of Islamic extremists. It is childish as well as the doggy ridiculous speech from the mouth of a devil of angel-skinned.

Lastly, how it is to be credible that the blast in the Buddhist ceremony was triggered by the Muslims for the officials are amongst Buddhist commune from top to bottom and the monasteries are under Buddhist control. Even international tourism is confined by official restrictions in Burma.

“To cause such blast in Buddhist ceremony is merely for consolidation of the terrorization of Burmese terrorist monks to deliberately trigger riots in Muslim Quarters and to rinse up the spot that is stained universally in Burmese Buddhism as Burmese Buddhist Terror Face which referred to the key mentor of Islamophobia monk Wirathu.”

This article is written by Koraunghfee@ Ibrahim Sha , a Rohingya activist and a student of comparative religion based on Tasawwuf.
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